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The ZamPen native chicken is a recently developed poultry breed originating from the Zamboanga Peninsula in the Philippines. Known for its exceptional taste and unique qualities, this breed has undergone a decade of meticulous research and breeding efforts, making it a promising option for local farmers seeking a distinctive and profitable chicken variety.
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ZamPen Native Chicken

Hardiness: Adaptable and hardy, able to thrive in the local environmental conditions of the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Foraging Abilities: ZamPen native chickens are excellent foragers. They are well-suited to free-range or backyard farming systems, as they can find their own food by scavenging for insects, seeds, and plants.

Delicious Taste: The meat of ZamPen native chickens is prized for its rich flavor and texture. Many people consider it to be superior in taste compared to commercially raised chicken breeds.

Why We Crossbred ZamPen Native Chicken

Crossbreeding ZamPen native chicken with other chicken breeds can be done for various reasons. One common reason is to create new and unique breed with desirable traits from both parent breeds. At our hobby farm, we crossbred ZamPen native chicken with Ayam Cemani for our Ulikba Chicken project.

As an aspiring chicken breeder, I am excited to see and raise the interesting results of our breeding project.

ZamPen Native Chicken Ayam Cemani

Ulikba Chicken Price List

We don't have purebred ZamPen Native Chicken. Read more about our Ulikba Chicken.

₱ 90.00
ungendered chicks (1-6 days)
₱ 110.00
selected ungendered chicks (7-13 days)
₱ 130.00
selected ungendered chicks (14-20 days)
₱ 150.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks (21-27 days)
₱ 180.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 250.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 310.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 370.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 520.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 670.00

point-of-lay hens

6-month-old and above
₱ 1300.00


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.