ZamPen Black - Ulikba Chicken Project

Ulikba means black. Ulikba chicken means a black-meat chicken.

In our hobby farm, we are developing our own breed of ulikba chicken, ZamPen Black.

Ulikba Chicken Philippines
Buy Ayam Cemani Philippines

Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani, originating from Indonesia, are an extraordinary breed of chickens renowned for their entirely black appearance, encompassing their feathers, skin, meat, and even internal organs due to a genetic anomaly called fibromelanosis. This striking feature, along with their historical significance, has led them to become sought-after as ornamental birds, admired for their captivating and unique aesthetic. Despite their rare and exotic appeal, Ayam Cemani chickens share the typical behaviors and care characteristics of other chicken breeds.

ZamPen Native Chicken

The ZamPen native chicken is a newly developed breed originating from the Zamboanga Peninsula in the Philippines. This Philippine native purebred chicken showcases distinctive qualities. Known for its delectable flavor, tender meat, and rapid growth, it excels in free-range environments due to its adept foraging abilities.

ZamPen Native Chicken cross Ayam Cemani

Ulikba Chicken Price List

₱ 90.00
ungendered chicks (1-6 days)
₱ 110.00
selected ungendered chicks (7-13 days)
₱ 130.00
selected ungendered chicks (14-20 days)
₱ 150.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks (21-27 days)
₱ 180.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 250.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 310.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 370.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 520.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 670.00

point-of-lay hens

6-month-old and above
₱ 1300.00


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.