Fertile Eggsfor Sale

We are selling fertile eggs of Rhode Island Red that are perfect for incubating and hatching your own chicks.

We take great care in selecting and packaging our fertile eggs to ensure that they arrive to you in excellent condition, ready for incubation. Our eggs are sourced from healthy, happy breeders that are raised in a clean and natural environment, with limited in-take of synthetic medicine.

We’re passionate about providing our customers with a positive hatching experience, and we’re committed to providing you with excellent customer service and support throughout your hatching journey. So take a look around and find the perfect hatching eggs for your needs!

Rhode Island Red Fertile Eggs for Sale
Fertile Egg Rhode Island Red

Fertile Egg Selection Criteria

  • Collected eggs for hatching are clean, free from cracks or deformities, and have uniform shape.
  • Selected eggs are 50-65 grams (for production-bred Rhode Island Reds).
  • Fertile eggs are stored up to 7 days only.
  • Chosen eggs are stored in a cool room.

Packing and Shipping Fertile Eggs

Our hatching eggs are carefully packed to ensure they arrive at your location in perfect condition. Eggs are placed in a eco-friendly box full of clean rice hulls. This natural cushioning material provides excellent protection, absorbing shocks and preventing damage during transit.

The rice hulls not only cushion the eggs but also help regulate temperature and humidity, creating an ideal condition for the eggs to remain viable.

By using rice hulls, we ensure that our packaging is both sustainable and efficient, prioritizing the safety of the hatching eggs and the environment.

Risks in Buying Fertile Eggs

Buying fertile eggs instead of chicks comes with several risks and considerations:

Hatch Rate Uncertainty: Not all fertile eggs will successfully hatch. Hatch rates can vary significantly based on factors like handling, and incubation conditions.

Incubation Challenges: Proper incubation is critical for hatching eggs. This requires maintaining precise temperature, humidity, and turning the eggs regularly. Any deviation can result in poor hatch rates or weak chicks.

Unknown Fertility: There is no guarantee that all eggs purchased are fertile. Without candling (using a light to inspect the egg’s interior), it’s difficult to determine fertility before the incubation process.

Sex Ratio: When buying eggs, you cannot control the sex ratio of the hatched chicks. You may end up with more males than desired, which can be problematic, especially in backyard settings.

Transport Stress: Eggs are delicate and can be damaged during shipping. Rough handling, temperature fluctuations, and extended transit times can all affect hatchability.

Fertile Egg Price

₱ 100.00
₱ 70.00
₱ 30.00