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Looking to buy Rhode Island Red chickens? You’ve come to the right place. Rhode Island Red is a popular breed of chicken known for their hardiness, egg-laying abilities, and beautiful mahogany-red feathers. They make a great addition to any backyard flock, whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting out.

At Garden at iba pa, we offer the finest Rhode Island Red chickens for sale. Our Rhode Island Reds are raised in our integrated hobby farm with the utmost care and attention. We provide them with a clean, safe and comfortable environment to grow and thrive.

Buy Rhode Island Red

Production-bred and Standard-bred Rhode Island Reds

With our current breeding program, our production-bred Rhode Island Red has now deeper and richer dark mahogany plumage color.
Production-bred and standard-bred Rhode Island Reds are two variations of Rhode Island Red that have been developed for different purposes.

Production-bred Rhode Island Reds

Production-bred Rhode Island Reds have been selectively bred for their high egg production, often at the expense of other characteristics such as size or color. These Rhode Island Reds have a higher rate of egg production than standard-bred Rhode Island Reds. Production-bred RIRs are commonly used in commercial egg production, where efficiency and egg yield are the primary concerns.

Standard-bred Rhode Island Reds

Standard-bred Rhode Island Reds are bred as closely as possible to the American Poultry Association’s (APA) standard for the breed. The standard describes the ideal size, shape, color, and other physical characteristics of the breed. Standard-bred RIRs are often larger and have a more distinctive appearance than production-bred chickens. They are often raised for exhibition or as backyard chickens, where appearance and temperament are more important than egg production.

Here is a comparison between production-bred and standard-bred Rhode Island Red.

SizeMedium to large bodyLarge body
Feather ColorVariable, with a range of reddish-brown shadesDeeper, richer mahogany color
Egg ProductionHigh, can lay up to 250-300 eggs per yearSlightly lower
TemperamentMore active and flightyCalmer and more docile

It’s important to note that these characteristics are generalizations, and individual chickens may vary in their traits depending on different factors.

Rhode Island Red Price

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₱ 120.00
ungendered chicks (1-6 days)
₱ 140.00
selected ungendered chicks (7-13 days)
₱ 160.00
selected ungendered chicks (14-20 days)
₱ 200.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks (21-27 days)
₱ 250.00
pullets (young hen), cockerels (young rooster)
₱ 300.00
pullets, cockerels
₱ 400.00
pullets, cockerels
₱ 500.00
pullets, cockerels
₱ 600.00
pullets, cockerels
₱ 900.00
pullets, cockerels
₱ 1,200.00

point-of-lay hens, cockerels

6-month-old and above
₱ 1300.00


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Our Vaccination Program

Subject to change depending on availability of vaccines. Message us for our flock’s medical and vaccination record.

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RIR Rhode Island Red cockerel

Why buy Rhode Island Reds?

Rhode Island Red is a great choice for backyard chicken keeping for several reasons:

High egg production: Rhode Island Reds are known for their high egg production. They can lay up to 4-6 eggs per week, making them a great choice if you are looking for a breed that will provide a steady supply of eggs for your household.

Hardy and adaptable: Rhode Island Reds are hardy chickens that can tolerate a range of weather conditions, making them a good choice for backyard chicken keeping in various regions. They are also adaptable to different environments, so they can thrive in a variety of backyard setups.

Docile temperament: Rhode Island Reds have a calm and friendly temperament, which makes them a good choice for families with children. They are not aggressive and are generally easy to handle.

Attractive appearance: Rhode Island Reds have a striking dark red color with black tail and wings. They are a beautiful addition to any backyard flock.

Versatile: In addition to egg-laying, Rhode Island Reds are also good for meat production. They grow to a good size and have a flavorful meat.

Overall, if you are looking for a breed that is hardy, adaptable, and provides a steady supply of eggs, while being easy to care for and with a friendly disposition, then Rhode Island Reds would be a great choice for your backyard flock.

Rhode Island Red Chicken Coop

Before buying Rhode Island Reds

Before buying your first chicken, there are several things you need to prepare to ensure that they will be healthy, happy, and safe:

Coop and run: Chickens need a safe and secure coop to roost in at night and a run to stretch their legs during the day. The coop should be large enough to accommodate the number of chicken you plan to keep and provide good ventilation. The run should be covered and predator-proof.

Feed and water: Chickens need access to clean water and a balanced diet that includes feed and supplements to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Bedding: Chickens need a clean and dry surface to walk and rest on. Bedding material like rice hull can be used to line the coop floor.

Nesting boxes: Hens need nesting boxes to lay their eggs in. The boxes should be clean and filled with soft nesting material like straw or hay.

Vitamins: You should have essential vitamins for your chickens.

Knowledge: It’s essential to educate yourself about proper chicken care, including feeding, health, and behavior. There are many resources available, including books, online forums, and local FB chicken groups.

By preparing for your chickens ahead of time, you can ensure that they have a comfortable and safe home and that you are ready to provide them with the care they need to thrive.

What Makes Us and Our Rhode Island Reds Different

  • Our Rhode Island Reds are healthy, active, alert, and have clean and well-groomed feathers.
  • Our Rhode Island Reds are raised in conditions that allow for more space and natural behaviors.
  • Our Rhode Island Reds are feed with fruits and forages.
  • Our Rhode Island Reds are raised with natural concoctions: fermented plant juice, fermented fruit juice, oriental herbal nutrients.
  • Our Rhode Island Reds undergo selection process from egg to breeding age.
  • We can provide records on egg production, medications, and vaccinations.