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Ayam Cemani is a rare and unique breed of chicken that originated in Indonesia. Known for its striking all-black appearance, Ayam Cemani has been bred for centuries for their ornamental value, as well as their purported mystical and medicinal properties.
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Ayam Cemani

The black coloration of Ayam Cemani is caused by a genetic trait called fibromelanosis, which causes excess pigmentation in the chicken’s tissues. This trait is unique to the breed and is not found in any other chicken breed.

In addition to its appearance, Ayam Cemani is also known for its hardiness and adaptability. They are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, making them well-suited for backyard chicken keeping in many regions.

Due to their rarity and unique characteristics, Ayam Cemani chickens can be quite expensive. They are primarily kept as pets or for exhibition purposes, although some breeders also use them for meat or egg production.

Why Ayam Cemani is Expensive

The breed’s rarity and distinctive features contribute to its high cost. Here are some reasons why Ayam Cemani chickens are expensive:

Genetic Rarity: The black coloration of Ayam Cemani chickens is caused by a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis, which results in excessive pigmentation. This genetic trait is relatively rare, making breeding Ayam Cemani chickens more challenging and time-consuming.

Selective Breeding: Producing Ayam Cemani chickens with consistent black coloring requires careful selective breeding over several generations. Breeders must carefully choose mating pairs to ensure the desired traits are passed on, which demands a significant investment of time and resources.

Small Population: The Ayam Cemani breed has a small population, both in Indonesia and around the world. This limited gene pool makes it difficult to find breeding stock and can result in higher prices due to lower supply.

Global Demand: Ayam Cemani chickens have gained international attention due to their unique appearance. As interest in exotic and rare breeds grows, the demand for Ayam Cemani increases, further driving up their price.

Cultural and Superstitious Value: In Indonesian culture, Ayam Cemani chickens are often considered sacred and are associated with various traditional beliefs and rituals. This cultural significance adds to their perceived value, both within Indonesia and among collectors worldwide.

Aesthetic Appeal: The striking all-black appearance of Ayam Cemani chickens makes them visually stunning and sought after by poultry enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists who are willing to pay a premium for their aesthetic appeal.

Challenges in Breeding and Rearing: The fibromelanosis gene can also be associated with some health challenges, such as susceptibility to certain diseases. This can increase the cost of breeding and raising Ayam Cemani chickens compared to more common chicken breeds.

Limited Availability: Due to the challenges involved in breeding and the limited number of breeders who specialize in Ayam Cemani, the supply of these chickens is relatively low compared to the demand.

All of these factors combined contribute to the high cost of Ayam Cemani chickens. It’s worth noting that prices can vary widely based on factors such as the chicken’s age, lineage, location, and whether it’s being sold as a pet, a breeding bird, or a show bird.

Myth about Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani, being a rare and unique breed of chicken with its distinctive all-black appearance, has garnered its fair share of myths and misconceptions. Here are some common myths about Ayam Cemani:

Magical or Supernatural Powers: One of the most persistent myths is that Ayam Cemani chickens possess magical or supernatural powers due to their black coloration. Some people believe that owning or consuming parts of an Ayam Cemani can bring good luck, protect against evil spirits, or provide health benefits. However, there is no scientific basis for these claims, and Ayam Cemani chickens are regular chickens in terms of their biological attributes.

Inedible Black Meat: While Ayam Cemani chickens do have dark black skin, bones, and internal organs, their meat is not entirely black. The muscle tissue of Ayam Cemani chickens is a dark color, but it is not completely black. The meat is safe to eat and is similar in taste and texture to other chicken breeds.

Immortality or Longevity: Some myths suggest that owning an Ayam Cemani chicken can grant the owner longevity or even immortality. This is purely a superstition and lacks any scientific evidence. The breed’s unique appearance does not confer any special powers or extend human lifespan.

Limited to Indonesia: Another misconception is that Ayam Cemani chickens are only found in Indonesia. While the breed does originate from Indonesia, it has gained international attention, and there are breeders and enthusiasts around the world who raise Ayam Cemani chickens.

High Egg Laying and Fertility Rates: There’s a common myth that Ayam Cemani chickens are exceptional egg layers or have higher fertility rates compared to other chicken breeds. While individual chickens’ egg-laying abilities can vary, Ayam Cemani chickens are not specifically bred for exceptional egg production, and their fertility rates are not significantly different from other chicken breeds.

Exclusivity Equals Value: Some people believe that Ayam Cemani chickens are valuable solely because they are rare and exclusive. While rarity does contribute to their higher price, value is also influenced by factors such as lineage, appearance, and health. Not all Ayam Cemani chickens are of equal quality or value.

All-Black Offspring: There’s a misconception that breeding two Ayam Cemani chickens will always result in offspring that are completely black. In reality, breeding Ayam Cemani chickens requires careful selection and breeding practices to maintain the desired black coloration. Offspring can vary in terms of coloration, especially in later generations.

It’s important to approach information about Ayam Cemani and other unique breeds with a critical and informed perspective. While these myths may add to the allure and mystique of the breed, it’s essential to rely on accurate information and scientific knowledge when learning about them.

Why We Crossbred Ayam Cemani

Crossbreeding Ayam Cemani with other chicken breeds can be done for various reasons. One common reason is to create new and unique breed with desirable traits from both parent breeds. At our hobby farm, we crossbred Ayam Cemani with ZamPen Native Chicken and Black Australorp for our Ulikba Chicken project.

As an aspiring chicken breeder, I am excited to see and raise the interesting results of crossbreeding with base blood of Ayam Cemani.

Ulikba Chicken Price List

We don't have purebred Ayam Cemani. Read more about our Ulikba Chicken.

₱ 90.00
ungendered chicks (1-6 days)
₱ 110.00
selected ungendered chicks (7-13 days)
₱ 130.00
selected ungendered chicks (14-20 days)
₱ 150.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks (21-27 days)
₱ 180.00
hardened and selected ungendered chicks

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 250.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 310.00

hardened and selected ungendered chicks

₱ 370.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 520.00

pullets, cockerel

₱ 670.00

point-of-lay hens

6-month-old and above
₱ 1300.00


All prices are subject to change without prior notice.